BEITNA is not an overnight house - it is simply a space whereby talents in Amman, Jordan will be given the necessary equipment and funds to create content. 

The main aim of BEITNA is to collaborate on videos for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram and promote each other’s platforms and personal brands, which has proven to be an effective strategy globally.

By joining BEITNA, you will be managed by ILNA, who will assist by building your brand image, connecting you with likeminded industry professionals, and help grow your content.

You do not need to have a minimum number of followers to join BEITNA.

You are not guaranteed acceptance upon applying.


* You must be based in Jordan. 

* If you under the legal age of 18 - you must obtain your legal guardians written consent and submitted to when submitting your application.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us here.