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Amira Karouli’s Tribute to Women

Inspired by her native Middle East, Amira Karouli, is a visionary jewelry designer creating contemporary designs featuring details from her travels. Amira Karouli’s eponymous label launched their debut collection in the vibrant city of Paris. The collection features exquisite arabesque attributes that are reminiscent of the cities that inspire her. Elegant and timeless, the collection is an ode to a journey through the Middle East and beyond.

The highlight of the SS20 collection is the Warrior Bangle, a symbol of strength, harmony and the delicate essence of femininity. While featuring a wide collection of styles, the Warrior Bangle stands out with its striking design, inspired by the spirit of the warrior. Bold yet equally elegant, the bangles are 18k gold with diamonds set in white and yellow gold. The bangles come in four different styles and color combinations. Symbolic of a warrior the bracelet has an arrow like tip, with a diamond detail.

Creating a sentimental piece that goes beyond simple adornment, Amira Karouli’s bangles are the result of a social issue that impacted her deeply. Seeing the dire conditions of battered and impoverished women in her native Tunis, Amira wanted to be able to help them and allow them to have a greater role in the community they lived in. Often marginalized from society the women are rarely the centre of attention making it more difficult to overcome their situations. Amira Karouli created the Warrior Bangle as a symbolic gesture of hope for these women. A way of alluding to their plight while giving women the opportunity to help other women by purchasing one of these exquisite bangles.

Even before the launch of her jewelry line, Amira Karouli wanted to help women, especially those who had no means to be helped. In the beginning, her brand mostly helped women in her hometown of Gafsa. The initiative was to pay for their training or help them build small projects.

As the work continued to grow, Amira Karouli initiated working with the organization “On Day One Dream” that takes care of impoverished children suffering from illnesses and families who cannot support treatment. Many of these battered women are underprivileged and have little means to sustain themselves. With the help of the “One Day One Dream” foundation and Amira Karouli’s contribution through her brand, they were able to create a bigger support system allowing them to take on bigger projects that would help more women.

The purpose of this initiative was to give women the opportunity to help other women as a form of solidarity while having more engaging conversations about issues affecting communities and finding realistic solutions to help them. Amira described her initiative as “creating [these] bangles for those that can afford to buy them in order to help those that can’t.

The bangle symbolizes strength, power and beauty. No matter which category of life we belong to, we all endure difficult times. This bangle is a reminder that you are not alone and to keep fighting, even when things seem impossible.”


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