There's a new fashion event in town and it's inclusively digital! Founded in 2020 by Palestinian fashion brand tRASHY CLOTHING in support of the global creative community during COVID-19, Cyber Fashion Week is here!

As the outcome to the COVID-19 pandemic remains unclear, most industries, businesses, freelancers, and many others affected by the pandemic are struggling to adapt and predict the way forward. As such, the need for a platform such as Cyber Fashion Week is needed more than ever.

While the conditions continue to be uncertain, Cyber Fashion Week has proven to be a beneficial tool for individuals within the entertainment and fashion industry, highlighting the global creative community during these uncertain times.

To further encourage the significance of social distancing - international fashion brands, artists, musicians, and models have united digitally from May 25-30th to combine the intersections of fashion, music, art, photography and performance.

Creatives from New York, London, Jerusalem, Amman, Reyjkavik, and more have joined forced collectively to support one another. The events and activities which took place included digital look books, 3D model art, digital sketching edited onto model photos, FaceTime shoots, live DJ sets, music performances recorded on webcams, virtual styling, and virtual after parties.

Below are some highlights from the event! You can catch Cyber Fashion Week on Instagram.


Palestinian fashion brand tRASHY Clothing debuted their 3D runway, which is a showcase of past, present, and future collections of the Palestinian brand. The 3D runway also included a sneak peak of a look from the AW20 collection show which got postponed due to COVID-19. tRASHY also had their customers and friends of the brand scan themselves wearing tRASHY pieces to be animated into this virtual runway show, where scans were sent in from all around the world.


tRASHY CLOTHING is a Palestinian brand that breaks stereotypes put upon the Middle East and provokes bigotry through fashion. Founded by Shukri Lawrence in 2017, the tRASHY goal is to reclaim the Arab and Palestinian Identity and reclaim what is considered different, cheap, and trashy in modern culture.

tRASHY is building a new movement of culture straight from Palestine/the Middle East. With the power of representation, team tRASHY is bringing the Middle East to the forefront of mainstream pop culture. 


Program 404 FreedomNotFound.exe // unable to connect: Palestine, in collaboration with La Comedi.

Artwork was designed by Palestinian Feras Sobh (Lacomedi co-founder). 404 FreedomNotFound is Sobh’s personal creative expression of his country’s struggle. Sobh explains the difficulties in being issued only a Palestinian refugee travel document

“I always lived without an identity. Everyday life becomes harder as my life decisions are now based on if a country would let me in or not. It feels like the world has abandoned us and for the past 70 years has been trying to erase us. It’s just not fair for anyone to have their freedom stripped from them at birth.”

The garment release came with an Augmented Reality app feature making the graphics come to life.


HYPEPEACE is a London based clothing brand, established late 2016, whose designs are inspired by modern culture and translated into political statements.

“It’s all about highlighting certain issues where it’s not heavily talked about, in our case using fashion as the tool. We also love working with like minded creatives to push these conversations further.” In addition, Hypepeace supports local NGO’s and charities by donating a percentage of their profits.


La Come Di is an independent streetwear and ready to wear label. With fearless electric prints, color blocks and textures, LCD is bold, dreamy and aspire to the youth-culture of today.

The brand produces only small batches and some made to order. LCD goes through a slow process with the focus on offering great quality at affordable price. It aims to be as genderless as possible especially on the streetwear pieces and allows the brand to be more sustainable.

La Come Di was founded in 2017 by Elisa Arienti (Italy) and Feras Sobh (Palestine).


One and Four Studio debuted the “UGLY DRESS." The idea came after the brands designer Engy Mahdy moved to a more digital platform for design during these times. Engy continued to challenge herself by designing her new collection on a 3D software that allows for samples to happen instantly.

Engy says she created the dress during a time where everyone has probably been inactive, where the aim of the dress is to accentuate all the things individuals might not want happening to their bodies but inevitably may if things don't start moving again.


One and Four Studio is a men’s and womenswear streetwear brand that has a balance of urban style and high-end tailoring. The clothing across all collections is developed from a continuous study of the human form; with sympathy to the movements of the body. One and Four is a unique brand of urban wear designed to fulfil the lifestyle of the curious and edgy minded. With a focus on menswear methodology, the designer aims to cater to a mindful human, that values and curates each piece of their belongings. The brand name, One and Four, is derived from the designers own family; One is herself and four, stands for her four siblings. However, at the essence of the brand, “one” symbolises any person and the four anchoring corners of their life.

The brand aims to be considerate of sustainability. Not only in the fabrics used, but in the amount of products designed. Designer Engy Mahdy wanted to create collections that seem plentiful in their layering and volumes, but are actually comprised of a few unisex pieces that can be worn in several ways. She truly believes sustainability comes mostly from monitoring the amount of production and the durability of the items made. Hence, as usual, focusing heavily on quality. The garments are all comfortable, practical and always respectful of the human form whether male or female.

Images and video credits: Cyber Fashion Week.