DISCOVER: Core Fashion ME

Q1: Who is Sujood, the designer and how did she start?

Hi, my name is Sujood Daradkeh and I'm the founder and designer behind Core Fashion Me. For as long as I can remember, fashion and design were always my escape, my safe haven and the activities that enabled me to turn my questions into answers and my vision and ideas into something tangible. Ever since I was young, I treated my closet as my personal art gallery and the pieces I design as my artwork. In college, I pursued a degree in visual arts and fashion design. This was so I would be able to put my academic education into application.

Q2: What is Core Fashion ME and where did the name come from?

Core is there as a metaphor for the sun, the female version of the moon. It’s from her that I believe the light and creativity stem and the spirit of renovation ignites. Despite her bright aura, not everyone is capable of detecting her inner grace and beauty. It takes someone who believes in her and loves her deeply to truly see it. That is what I want my brand to reflect.

Q3: If you can describe your brand in 3 words, what would you choose?

Comfortable, unconventional and meaningful.

Q4: What was the inspiration behind your first collection? My debut collection is called 'Core's Old Town Collection.' It is inspired by the old view of Amman, its buildings and its markets. I drew my inspiration from the magic in the city's simplicity. I chose it because those views always talk about the story of this beautiful city, where the streets are filled with vendors that tell us the story of the continuous spirit through its crowded streets and its wonderful lights.

Additionally, Amman's heritage and stones make it a destination for the tourists who always yearn to visit it. People are always drawn to its old streets. Despite the presence of new built skyscrapers, old Amman has its elegance and beautiful spirit and it is most certainly filled with many memories that speak to me.

Q5: Who is Core Fashion Me for?

My brand targets conscious women. The women who carefully study what they decide to put on their bodies. It is for every brave woman and young lady. The unconventional. The ones who look forward to trying new and unique things.

Q6: What would you say is special about this collection?

I spent months creating my own fabric, particularly the print. I created my print made using collage art, highlighting and referencing 'the old Amman.' In Jordan, there are many powerful design ideas one can draw inspiration from, and I aim to highlight those through my brand in a positive and creative way. 

Q7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally, I would like to open my first showroom and launch an e-commerce where people would be able to shop online, locally, regionally and internationally.

Q8: What are the challenges you face in Jordan right now? People are limited in terms of the way they think. They are not as comfortable nor accepting when it comes to trying new things.

Q9: Would you say your brand sustainable and/or ethical? If so, how and why? I believe, all of us, collectively, in whatever field one might operate, should consider the way they live. We should all aim to function in an environmentally friendly way, where the environment is our top priority. Stemming from my personal beliefs and interests in humans and animal rights, I decided to turn to vegan-ism around 10 years ago. I did so after becoming aware of the immediate individual threat one might have on the environment.

I wanted to reflect my way of living into my brand. So the way I design has shifted into a more sustainable way. This is done through sourcing the best of available sustainable fabrics in Jordan. I also encourage my customers to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time.

Q10: Who are your favourite designers? Reemami and Jacquemus.

Q11: What is the price range of this collection?

Prices start at 35 Jordanian Dinars and go up to 160. Q12: How do you want women to feel when wearing your brand? Different, confident and comfortable. Q13: What makes your brand stand out compared to others in the local Jordanian market? It has no rules. It merges art, feeling and distinction.