uSfuur is more than just jewellery - it is a powerful symbol of peace and freedom, transcending borders and geographies to remind us that we are all connected regardless of race, gender, religion, and nationality.

Yara, who is the founder and designer behind uSfuur, was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After moving to Dubai and being exposed to its creative multi-cultural art and design scene, she launched uSfuur to "bring about a sense of hope and joy amidst the distress that was (and still is) engulfing our region."

"Im passionate about the arts and culture, and I find design, in the broad sense of the term, a beautiful vehicle to create meaningful change in our society, and effect our well-being as humans"

uSfuur's unique, timeless and statement pieces aside, the brand operates with a social mission at heart, whereby it gives back to local communities in need via art therapy, educational workshops and grassroots community-led projects. The brand acts as the main sponsor to provide relief and social psychological support to displaced Syrians whose lives have been affected as a result of the war.

Yara's design approach is inspired by a contemporary minimal aesthetic, ethical production and high quality materials. She describes her approach as "subtle yet bold, classic yet contemporary, elegant yet cool [...] and is "very much ingrained in the notion of social impact, and being able to deliver the brand's story and message in ways that can inspire customers."

When customers first come across the brand, they often feel moved and inspired, reigniting the brand ethos which is driven by a sense of meaning and purpose. Whether they're from Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Saudi, Kuwait or London, they are all connected through their appreciation and love for a meaningful high quality statement piece. 

Sustainability is at the heart of the uSfuur brand. From manufacturing locally with a small team of highly skilled artisans to running production upon order to minimize waste, Yara explains that "sustainability is withstanding the test of time and putting people and the environment at the center of your work." She explains that it also "means taking into account all aspects of the business from where you source your materials to how you produce your pieces, to how you treat your employees/suppliers and artisans, to how or if you give back to your local community. It’s a full circle."

uSfuur's success hasn't gone unnoticed. In recent years, they have managed to secure a deal with Harvey Nichols, branched out to London and have been recognized by world-class fashion writers and editors including Vogue Italia.

In the future, uSfuur hopes to continue perfecting their craft as well as expand their presence regionally and internationally. They also want to take the time to consider their impact on the environment and relationship with our planet. Yara believes that as designer, she has the power to create positive change through her discipline.

As such, she joins the incredibly passionate designers we have in the region who are driven by the desire to shake things up, challenge the status quo and pave the way for a new design narrative in the region.

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Editorial credits:

Photographer: Aya Nashashibi

Stylist: Nereen Sbeitan

Model(s): Maryam Sarraj & Jenia Jabaji