DISCOVER: Zaid Farouki

The 'I AM SHARQI' collection was created aiming to celebrate being from the Middle East in today's politically sensitive and diverse words. The collection includes designs that flaunt the unbiased beauty within paradoxes such as old meets new, east meets west and individual versus community.

The fashion film and images produced by ILNA COLLECTIVE emphasises the versatility of the garments across both genders, where men and women are seen wearing the garments in different ways, questioning traditional gender roles and style norms.


كَغِصنٌ مُشتاق، شقَّ أرضٍٍ غَيرِ بِلادي أصَمُّ  سامِعْ، وكَفيفٌ ناظِرْ هل ذاتي نُبذةً مِن سيرتي ؟ أم هي سيرةً نُسِجَت مِن ذاتي؟ وَلَو كُتِبَ تاريخي بِحِبرٌ إفرنجيّ سَيَسْبِقَهُ مَوّالي ، فأنا مَن أًرِثُ آثارِ أجدادي إِسأًلني عَن جدتي فَهيَ مَنْ تُحيكُ سِيرَةَ ذاتي   أنا من كُحِّلَتْ عَينايَ بِالمُحيطِ والصحراءِ والتِلالِ وَلَو طالَ بعدي فَقدْ باتَ خيالي وَواقِعي في كُلِّ مَكانِ و ما لي أَسْتَغْرِب و أُستَغرَبُ في بِلادي؟ أّأّغْنانيْ التّمرَ والزّعتزَ والزيتونِ؟  أم الشِّعرُ في أسود العيونِ؟ الأبجد و الهوز،  و الحطي و الكلمن أَسْلِحَةً و دُرُوعاً، و فَصاحَتي عَرْشاً أجادَت الشَوقِ والعشقِ وهامَت معَ جنونِ قَيسِ حتى التَحَفْتُ بِالفَجْرِ و اللّيلِ و دَونتُ صَوْتَ الجِبالِ فأُمْطِرَتْ عبراتي وسَقَيتُ بِهم ثِماري وَ نَثَرْتُ شِعْرِي مُتَشَكِلاً،  بِوَزنِ حاليَ الحاضِرِ من المَغرِبِ إلى المَشْرِقِ عَبِرْتُ بِلِساني و غَزَوتُ بِكَلِماتي عائِدٌ أنا على أَبْجَدِيَّتي  عائِدٌ أنا إلى أُصُولِ مُعَلَقاتي أنا الشّرقيّ، أنا الشَرْقيّ،         المُتَوّلِع بِحُروفِ أَجْدادي I’ve fallen from the cloth Of my grandfathers As a yearning branch, breaking earth other then my land Deaf and listening , blind and searching Is my identity a fragment of my story Or is this a story woven of my identity ? And though my history has been written, With an ink alien and foreign My song has pre existed, For it is I who inherited My ancestry’s legacies Ask me of my grandmother For it is she who weaves The story of my being My eyes, they are the reflection Of the ocean and the desert and the hills & though I’ve been distanced from them far too long My dreams and reality have been laid In every place And how is it that I’m bewildered and alienated In my own land ? Is my fortune made of dates and za'atar and olives Or of poetry sung for the depth of dark eyes. The alpha and the beta and the theta Are weapons and shields & my eloquence is a throne To have ruled yearning and love & frenzied with junoon Qais Until I was blanketed By dusk and by the night & I recorded the voice of the mountains My unspoken words rained, and fruited my salvation And I narrated my poetry, accented By the meters of my reality From West to East I crossed with my language And I conquered with my words I am reclaiming my alphabet I am returning to the origins of my proud Arabian poetry I am the Sharqi (oriental) I am the Sharqi Mesmerized by the letters of my ancestry

Poetry by: Fatma AlSaad


Designer: Zaid By Zaid Farouki

Creative direction: ILNA COLLECTIVE & Nereen Sbeitan

Stylists: Zaid Farouki, Shouq Bint Hamed Nereen Sbeitan

Photography: Aya Nashashibi

Videography: Mahmoud Al-Badawi

Makeup: Leen Hidayah, Judy Abdo


Shaden Matariah 

Adam Abutarboush 

Qays Alkilani 

Jad Aqrabawi 

Tala Hidayah 

Lujain Mansour 

Maryam Alsarraj 

Abood Awwad 

Ali Asfour 

Dania Thawabteh 

Ammar Budair 

Assisted by: Haneen Qart Laith Sorour, Shouq Bint Hamed, Judy Daghesteni  Meera Abdo 

Catering by: Choices Catering Jordan