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Emergeast: Championing The Region’s Artists and Young Collectors

While in 2021 no one would dare question the concept of a strictly online gallery — the same couldn’t be said in early 2014, the time Emergeast opened its virtual doors to the world — the first in the region.

Art work page on

Inspiring Artists. Aspiring Collectors.

Flash forward 7 years later, Emergeast's co-founders Dima Abdul Kader and Nikki Meftah have spearheaded a movement of connecting young collectors to inspiring artists that are shaping the MENA art scene.

Nikki and Dima, Courtesy of Emergeast & Henri Abraham Universe

The Emergeast today proudly houses 75 emerging and mid-career artists, hosts a number of online and offline exhibitions and auctions, partners with established museums and curates shows all while staying true to their one purpose: spreading love and joy through human connection.

The Go-To Platform for Young Collectors

Emergeast curates their accessible artwork selection based on powerful narratives of cultural influences, socio-political views and personal identities. One way that Emergeast making artworks more accessible is by extending established artists’ works to new mediums. Soon online will be renowned Iranian artist Leila Pazooki’s never before seen neon works on paper exclusively on

Moments of Glory by Leila Pazooki, Iran

Through transparency and authentic storytelling, Emergeast is a safe space for all collectors and art enthusiasts turned new collectors. By providing the artist’s background and inspirations behind a work, publishing digestible content on collecting (e.g 4 Steps To Buying Art Online, 6 Myths On Art Collecting), and making prices of works visible, Emergeast ensures that art collecting is no longer intimidating but an enjoyable process. Whether it be someone browsing for a $200 entry work or a statement piece, they will be well on their way to building a meaningful and valuable collection that will last through generations.

“There's a misconception that art has to be expensive for it to be good. Emergeast was designed for first-time and young collectors, keeping in mind the factors that would hinder a young professional's art purchase. Transparency, trust and integrity have been key in building our collector base," says Nikki Meftah.

Aside from encouraging collectors to start or build their collection, Emergeast is also continuously finding ways to give back to the community. In addition to organising fundraisers for Yemen and Beirut, Emergeast most recently raised 33K for the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) in its Print Drive For Palestine.

Innovation at The Forefront

With a digital backbone, Emergeast advocates for innovation and new media. With the latest disruption of NFTs on the traditional art market, Emergeast will offer their collectors a chance to purchase NFTs through a highly-curated online auction in the coming months. Still thinking WTF are NFTs? Read Emergeast’s 6 Things To Know About NFTs.

“Choosing to solely be an online gallery from inception until today is testament to our commitment to technology and art. Innovative tools have not only paved the way for collectors but equally artists too — the digital realm has offered existing and new artists a plethora of ways to further realize their creative talents and imagination. The digital medium is the new oil on canvas.” — Dima Abdul Kader

Gas & Love, Timeless Series by Muhcine Ennou, Morocco

A Lifestyle for The Collective

Emergeast has created a movement for young collectors by empowering them through education and knowledge all while championing Middle Eastern artists through their narratives. Emergeast continues to spread inspiration across borders, for people in and outside the MENA region to connect over a love of art and culture.

“Storytelling has never been so important than it is today. As we focus on shifting narratives from the region, we've been exploring creative ways in which we can offer groundbreaking works to a larger collective.” — Nikki Meftah

Ring Around by Beya Khalifa, Egypt

To find out more about Emergeast you can visit the following:

Instagram: @emergeast

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