Zip, unzip, button, unbutton, clip, unclip, tie, untie, connect, disconnect, participate, [un-participate], disregard the normative.

Fadi Zumot is an artist and designer from Amman, Jordan. His work often investigates the concepts of gender and sexuality, which questions and addresses the social and cultural notions of expression and restriction within the region.

His Art stems from personal experience, he explores all mediums of art and often uses fashion, through the lens of ‘conceptual collections’ to express himself, his experiences whilst also drawing on the experiences of others he encounters on a daily basis.

Fadi’s fashion pieces are akin to art. He’s an experimentalist who always thinks outside of the box. As such his designs are non-conforming; they embrace the idea of individualism. He argues that the process of the product is more important than the end result.

Through his art, he wants to open new gateways for engagement and spark new conversations amongst members of society. The beauty of Fadi’s work is that it is always up for interpretation, it makes one question, and by questioning, we engage in conversations that aid in broadening our mindsets. 

Conversations are important, especially in a region like the Middle East, where conversations regarding gender and sexuality do not exist due to fear and isolation. This is why Fadi’s work is so important, especially in a time where many in the region are seeking change addressing issues once considered taboo.

As Fadi continues to challenge societal perceptions through his work, he claims that he is  “always trying to find the balance between challenging society, whilst, also ensuring [he] does not cross certain boundaries, which may backfire on [the] mission to slowly transition into a community where being different and visible becomes the norm.”

​Fadi’s latest collection titled ‘MUTINY’ explores the concept of “how many more ways could we be wearing a garment if we didn't have a silhouette to protect?”

The collection is, as Fadi explains a "calling consciousness in regards to our everyday act of dressing up, encouraging and enjoying the gestures and movements when wearing our pieces." The collection also explores the familiar and unfamiliar, as acts of mutiny against conformity.

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Photographer: @omarsha3

MAKEUP: @nourralsalem

MODELS: @naheedahajahjeh @toj96 @ihk.v & @mustafa.sammarraie