Written by: Basem Tash.

Photography: Aya Nashashibi.

Models: Sarah Allan & Ammar Bu.

My name’s Basem Tash, and I’m the founder of Makhtoum. I’ve always been a very creative person who finds it best to express themselves through Art and Design. Being a teenager in today’s world, I feel as though we are losing a sense of our roots and moving rapidly into the unknown future. That’s why, I want to use Makhtoum to bring people new ways to show appreciation towards and hold onto their cultural identity no matter where they are. Whether you’re living in your homeland or a foreign country, your identity and cultural background are what can keep you company and remind you of who you take pride in being.

Makhtoum is a brand that wants to leave a Middle Eastern “mark” on everyday items whether it be clothing, textiles or home decor. Such a wide range of products is our way of satisfying anyone and everyone’s needs. With the first collection, we use old postage stamps - 5 to be exact - from across the Middle East as a way of reflecting on the past and reintroducing it in the present. Through taking certain aspects of each stamp then undergoing a process of digitizing, distorting, refining and repurposing, we’ve produced modern outcomes. Nonetheless, Makhtoum fully acknowledges the origins of these stamps and the fact that credit must also go to the original designers behind our inspiration. The brand came to life after the founder had stumbled upon his mother’s old stamp book. Flicking through the pages that preserved such symbols of community and culture over the years, he was moved. As such, he pushed himself towards developing this idea he had, eventually showcasing Makhtoum’s first collection as a part of The 2019 Amman Design Week Student Exhibition.

مختوم هي علامه تجاريه ذات بصمة شرق أوسطية لمنتجات نستخدمها يومياً من الألبسه، الأقمشة، الأثاث، الإكسسوارت المنزليه، والمستلزمات المكتبية. تطرح مختوم في مجموعتها الاولى تحت شعار إحتمالات تصاميم مستوحاه من الطوابع البريدية القديمة لعددٍ من دول الشرق الأوسط (كالاردن،فلسطين،لبنان،مصر ، وغيرها) لتُعيد من خلالها عبق الماضي الى الحاضر . أراد المصمم ان يقدم للناس وسيلة بسيطة لإظهار تقديرهم وإعتزازهم بهوياتهم سواء كانوا يعيشون في بلدانهم الأصلية أو في المهجر ، وذلك من خلال تلبية رغباتهم بمنتجات متنوعة تناسب جميع الإعمار والأذواق لمن كان منهم يبحث عن التميُّز أو البساطة في آنٍ واحد.