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Buy Local Editorial: Jordanian Edition

Jordanian creatives have found a profound way to stand out in an ever-so-saturated market. Their experimental creativity, whether it be in design, styling or photography has become regionally identifiable. Browse the editorial shot by the all-Jordanian team featuring local Jordanian designers below.

Editorial Team:

Photographer: Zaid Allozi @zaidallozi

Stylist: Jad Toghuj @jadtoghuj

ILNA model: Christina Goussous @christina.goussous

Makeup: Zaina Allozi

Designers featured:

Fadi Zumot @fadifzumot

Nafsika Skourti @nafsikaskourti

By Raneem @byraneem

Yasmines Brain @yasminesbrain

Nafsika Skourti dress

Fadi Zumot bag & skirt (also transitional into a shirt)

By Raneem reworked corset, Fadi Zumot Skirt, Yasmine's Brain Ring
Nafsika Skourti outfit & Yasmine's Brain necklace

Nafsika Skourti Outfit

Nafsika Skourti outfit & Yasmine's Brain necklace & ring

By Raneem reworked corset & Fadi Zumot trousers

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