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Sustainability is Sexy! 4 Eco-conscious Brands We're Loving

Sustainability is sexy. It always has been. If you're looking for an eco-conscious brand that is going to make you stand out and give back, look no further! We've rounded 4 sustainable brands we're currently obsessed with.

House Of Sunny

Every step of House of Sunny's journey to success has been guided by sustainability. The company only creates two seasonal collections per year, giving the design team, who operate out of the brand's East London studio, more time to study and find dead stock fabrics for their garments. Fur, leather, skins, or silk aren't used by the firm, and the wool they do use is organic.


Nynne Kunde, the company's founder, is passionate about making her customers happy while also doing her part to help the environment. Materials, production, closeness, avoiding deadstock, consciousness, durability, packaging, and the label's own 'Diana' idea are the eight core aspects of sustainability that the label tries to incorporate throughout its operation. The 'Diana' dress, the brand's hallmark piece, exemplifies Nynne's approach to design: adaptable, fashionable, and timeless pieces.

Stefania Vaidani

Stefania Vaidani's whimsical designs are probably all over Instagram. The label offers a modern approach to feminity in its affordable, long-lasting designs, which are manufactured using sustainable fabrics that are hand-designed each season. Vegan leather, organic cotton, and other recycled fabrics make up 99 percent of the collections. The brand collaborates with a non-profit organisation every season.


MaisonCléo offers basic but well-crafted pieces (everything is handcrafted), always using the best deadstock textiles. Every product page has a margin and pricing calculation that is as transparent as feasible. The goal is to share their expertise and make the "Made in France" label more accessible to the masses.

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