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The Amanqi Edit is a digital platform curating the finest in luxury fashion, beauty and culture. The collective seeks to give a platform to emerging fashion labels, designers and innovators looking to take their brands to the next level. A collaborative effort, the Amanqi Edit resonates with the ever changing cultural sphere, and a young generation of designers and artists.

Manal Waqi, founder of the Amanqi Edit explained “Our purpose for creating the digital showroom was to enable these regional brands to have access to buyers, press, innovators and end-consumers from across the globe. These brands are incredibly talented and deserve to have the limelight.” With this in mind, the Amanqi Edit has launched The Digital Showroom through 24th August to 12th September, where they featured an assortment of fine jewellery brands each bringing their own qualities and designs to life.

The brands in The Digital Showroom all hold ethical practices, empowerment and sustainability at their core, reflecting the world they are trying to build.

Marmari Jewellery

Marmari Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery brand featuring 18-karat gold, natural gemstones and diamonds. Inspired by the mysteries of the universe, the collection has motifs of stars, hearts and moons, playing around the theme of the galaxy. Perhaps a reminder of worlds beyond us, the collection gives attention to vivid details such as dark, shimmery earrings with sapphires, closely mimicking a twinkling night sky. Marmari practices ethical jewellery manufacturing utilising the finest craftsmanship. All diamonds and gemstones used in their jewellery are free from all chemical enhancements. Characterised by its dreamy take on the galaxy, each piece has its own metaphorical meaning.

Aveen Jewellery

Aveen is a sophisticated jewellery brand breaking the mould of luxury jewellery by introducing a personalised approach to consumers by offering a selection you can alter to your own needs. Working with precious and semi precious stones each collection brings a bold and multicoloured theme bought to life by artisans dedicated to their craft. A contemporary aesthetic with eye catching details, Aveen’s wanderlust collection is inspired by travel. The brand also adheres to sustainable manufacturing by making all their pieces in Dubai.

Tales of Gems

Tales of Gems is a Dubai based jewellery brand. Their debut collection focused on iridescent topaz in all its various forms and cuts. It’s beauty iterates the brands focus on the stone, creating a beautifully, fluid and artful collection featuring the delicate white topaz. Set in gold and silver, in a traditional pillowed or a modern emerald cut, Tales of Gems accentuates the beauty of the stone itself by giving it the perfect backdrop to shine.

Indira Jewelry

Based in Cairo, Indira is a fine jewellery brand mixing traditional and modern manufacturing to create high quality, timeless pieces that highlight the unique craftsmanship of Egypt such as silver-making. The brand is youthful and imaginative and it was designed for young professionals, after its founder, Maria Saadawi, realised there was a gap in the contemporary jewellery market which targeted younger consumers. Indira's designs are both functional and timeless with a rich palette of colour and history reshaping the traditional artisanal methods found in Egypt.

Sandbox Jewelry

Sandbox is a brand inspired by the Arabian peninsula and the deserts of Egypt. The limitless sands of the region juxtaposed with the sandbox children played in, representing the constraints of design though with a boundless imagination. Creating a nostalgic feel with its work, Sandbox Jewelry is a conceptual brand that expresses human experience and emotion through its designs, whereby it gives its jewellery meaning and purpose. The brand aims to empower women by perfecting the balance between art, power and human connection.

Jwaher Jewels

Jwaher Jewels is a Saudi based brand that is breaking the boundaries between traditional and modern jewellery. Its encapsulating design plays on popular themes to create one of a kind designs. Diamond and gold pieces create a harmonious balance with symbols like the lotus and elephants accentuating pieces. A confetti inspired collection with a pastel palette of delicate earrings and necklaces, each collection by the brand is as delightful as ever.

Amira Karaouli Jewelry

Amira Karaouli Jewellery is a journey through Tunisia and the Middle East. Inspired by her heritage, Amira Karaouli creates contemporary designs featuring symbols from her travels that compliment the region magnificently. A mosaic of colour and imagery each piece is titled after the place it represents. From the Bosphorus River to Paris to Marrakech the jewellery encapsulates the spirit of travel.

Araya Jewelry

Araya Jewelry is a legacy brand with five generations of jewellery makers and designers that span time. Beautifully handcrafted, each piece is designed meticulously with the finest gemstones. Araya’s design philosophy keeps the modern women in mind and offers versatile collections. Focused on creating a limited amount of pieces each year, originality is at the centre of Araya’s design philosophy. Handcrafted from stones each piece resembles a wearable work of art.

Written by Hiba Ali - a contributor writer at ILNA COLLECTIVE:

Hiba Ali is a multimedia journalist interested in exploring politics, fashion, minority subcultures and art. She has written for a variety of publications and worked on numerous projects in creative capacities. Inspired by her travels, her heritage, and education in International Affairs (MENA) and Media Journalism she seeks to create an interactive dialogue through her work.