The idea behind the SS20 ZK Campaign titled ‘Intergalactic Kitschy Glamour’ is to reclaim what it means to be kitschy yet glamorous, portraying the still images shot akin to pieces of art that may be overly sentimental.

The garments are inspired by the beauty of our everyday surroundings, which is a factor that many of us may have taken for granted pre-COVID19. As such, we see the neutral tones of the garments as well as the attention to detail influencing the embroidery and embellishments used throughout.

The campaign is also heavily influenced by the impact of COVID19 and the ‘Stay Home’ orders issued by governments worldwide, particularly in Jordan, where measures implemented included curfews, strict weekend lockdowns, no public transportation, gatherings and more.

Shifting away from the narrative we’ve seen across social media in recent days where COVID19 inspired shoots have involved the use of masks and FaceTime shots, we decided to think outside the box, whilst taking the measures introduced into account, by using beautifully surreal backdrops to highlight what many may currently feel like a ‘utopian’ outdoors. We must treat our environment with love, for nature should be a sentimental possession.


Photographer: Zaid Allozi

Direction: ILNA COLLECTIVE & Zaid Allozi

Styling: ILNA COLLECTIVE & Nereen Sbeitan

Makeup: Zaina Allozi

Model(s): Mira Saw & Dina Dajani


Zainab Kisswani of Palestinian decent, was born in Brazil, lived in Abu Dhabi and moved to Jordan, where she now calls home. Zainab has always been a creative; she discovered her passion for drawing, painting and design at a very young age. She embarked on her fashion career in 1991 after completing several courses in fashion and design. Following the huge success of her Atelier in Jordan and the Middle East, she opened her showroom extension which now features everything from ready-to-wear, to her unique abaya’s to couture and bridal. But how did Zainab start and what sets her apart from the rest of her peers in the regional market? 

Zainab’s rise to success was not easy. Following her husband’s sudden death while she was pregnant with her second child, she was left with an unsettling choice. While she always wanted to go into design; in the ’90’s, a time where a career in the creative industry in the region was unpredictable and often times looked down upon, she was left wondering whether a career in fashion would be the right move to take. 

She was advised against pursuing a career in fashion by those around her as many claimed it would not make ends meet. This is because she had recently become a single mother to a 3-year old young boy and was pregnant with her second child. “Everyone told me to go for a corporate job, because I now had to look after my 2 kids alone; however, I always believed in my vision” she says. “I knew I had something new to offer the market, and I wanted to redefine what it means to be a Middle Eastern woman.”

Going against all odds, she decided to open her Atelier in Swefieh. She was the first designer to open a shop in the area, which has helped in marking Swefieh a fashion hot spot in Amman and home to many local and regional designers and brands. 

The Zainab Kisswani Atelier at the time specialised in custom orders and has in recent years expanded to offer women a fresh take on intricate Middle Eastern embroidery in a modern way. 

What sets Zainab apart from the rest of her peers in the market? “Everything we do is made in-house. We buy plain tulle fabric(s) and spend months intricately embroidering them to create our unique print on them. This is because we always aim to offer our clients something which cannot be bought in the market. Additionally, we get to create our signature ZK touch on everything we do, which is immediately identifiable as our own.” she says. “We do not go out to buy ready-embroidered fabric, because that defeats the whole purpose of designing,” she adds. “What am I offering my client that can’t be offered in the market if I do that?” she asks. 

Zainab prides herself in the quality of her garments, “all our embroidery including the stitching is made using pure silk. The crystals we use to embellish our pieces are certified swarovski crystals imported from abroad” she adds. This is why she has built a brand that many trust and believe in over the last two decades, making her one of the oldest brands and designers to survive the now saturated fashion market in Jordan. 

“What about Jordan? Why do you have to import a lot of your materials? I ask. “We lack a lot of resources in Jordan, this is why I have to import a lot of the materials we use today,” she says. “Our workforce, however, are extremely skilled. We’re Middle Eastern after all, embroidery is in our DNA. We’ve inherited our love for all things glitz, glam and embroidery from our ancestors.”



Creative Direction: ILNA COLLECTIVE, @zaid.artist

Photography: @zaid.artist

Model: @petramubarak


Makeup & hair: @najwaalhusseini