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Unlike industry protocol, ILNA Collective does not advertise Talent’s measurements, which includes but is not limited to ones weight, height, etc... 

We are first Arab agency to to break traditional beauty standards within the modelling and fashion industries. We prioritise and celebrate diversity, authenticity and character.


We want to hear your story first, upholding our aim to be a hub of positive, influential and inspirational talent.



"My passion is to support, create, and bring a smile on people’s faces. Since I was a little girl my dream was to make a name for myself in order to show others that no matter who you are, where you come from, how you look, or how old you are, your dreams are never too big to accomplish."

AHMAD (1).png


"I'm fully Palestinian, but I've lived in Amman most of my life. I prefer outdoor activities, such as: playing basketball and skateboarding. I'm also a huge fan of fashion, music, reading and watching Netflix instead of doing my course work. (lol)."

AHMAD (2).png


"I like stupid questions, and even meta-questions. I'm convinced some tragic accident will lead me to gaining superpowers. However, I’ve already found me kryptonite to be a pretty woman. I plan to rule the world by 21, demolish global economies by 22, and die for my crimes by 23."

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"The favourite item I own is a small screwdriver bag. It reminds me of my childhood. When my father bought it for me, I used to unscrew my phone cover and change its color(s) to the way I wanted."

AHMAD (3).png


"I'm a freelance personal trainer and a full time technician at Karmalite. My necklace is probably the favourite item I currently own as it was given to me by my best friend and has a meaningful inscription that's very close to my heart. I can live the rest of my life eating Maqloobeh."

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